Here are just a few examples of the projects we're capable of bringing to life.

Earthwork, Road Building, asphalt paving, Grading & IN-STREAM CONSTRUCTION

storm sewer, box culverts, concrete structures & equipment foundations

sanitary Sewer systems, raw water systems, water treatment & Distribution


Video: Installation of 72" Hobas centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar (CCFRPM) inside existing 78" cast-in-place concrete irrigation siphon using Modified Segmental Sliplining Method.

Tyhee Siphon Trenchless Sliplining, Chubbuck, Idaho

The Tyhee Siphon is a 78-inch diameter concrete pipe which conveys irrigation water over one mile to approximately 11,500 acres of farmland outside Pocatello, Idaho. Originally constructed in 1907 and subsequently lined in 1948 with a sectional steel liner, both the steel liner and concrete pipe had deteriorated over time to the point that leakage and exfiltration were causing significant damage to the roadway above. The Tyhee Siphon Rehabilitation Project was undertaken to provide a long-term and cost-effective solution. Sliplining was chosen to minimize disturbance and reduce construction costs as compared to “open-cut” methods. The scope of the project included manually removing the existing steel liner, chipping and grinding a substantial portion of the existing concrete pipe to provide clearance for the proposed carrier pipe, installing 1,200 linear feet of 72-inch glass-fiber reinforced Hobas pipe from two insertion pits using a modified sliplining method, and annular space grouting with cellular foam grout. Rather than jointing each new section of pipe in an insertion pit and pushing the pipe string into place, each section was first pulled into place and then jointed with the adjacent section inside the host pipe. Because this process reduces the required mechanical effort, longer reaches can be sliplined from a single insertion pit thereby reducing the size of equipment and number of excavations needed. Design Engineer: DOWL of Billings, Montana. Contractor: American West Construction of Denver, Colorado.

photo courtesy of AGL Drone Services

photo courtesy of AGL Drone Services


In 2015, Jon Nelson led the construction team selected to replace the outlet works and embankment at Bergen Dam. The scope of work included water control and dewatering, excavation of the existing dam embankment, installation of a new concrete encased HDPE outlet works pipe, placement and compaction of select embankment fill, cast-in-place intake and outlet works structures, perforated toe drains and observation manholes, piezometers, movement monuments, and installation of imported riprap and bedding along the dam face (shown above). Design Engineer: W. W. Wheeler & Associates of Englewood, Colorado. Contractor: American West Construction of Denver, Colorado. 

photo courtesy of Canyon Fuel Company

photo courtesy of Canyon Fuel Company

winter's quarter canyon ventilation slope, scofield, utah

Design Engineer: Agapito Associates of Grand Junction, Colorado. Contractor: Harrison Western of Lakewood, Colorado. 


Saratoga waterline project, saratoga, wyoming

Design Engineer: PMPC of Saratoga, Wyoming. Contractor: Arapahoe Utilities & Infrastructure of Englewood, Colorado.